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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Performing Arts, experimental music, comedy, poetry...

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Photo: Davide di Palo

UM (unnumb- mind) - Duo Project

The acronym UM stands for „unnumb mind, “ which is inspired by Byung – Chul Han’s critics around the concept of the Burnout Society. The interdisciplinary use of the languages like dance, poetry, experimental music, noise, free improvisation, multimedia and comedy are used to deeply stimulate a reflection among current social politics issues and conflict in the present society.

The project was created in 2022 by musician Francisco Catalán and performer Carmen Volpe.It all started with a first small version of 'Alles in Ordnung' for the PAF (Performing Art Festival) 2022 in Berlin. The same performance had its official Premiere in August 2023 in the Theaterforum Kreuzberg in Berlin. The duo also received support from the municipality of Treptow- Köpenick for the performance 'A Voice and not a name!' for the Internationales Sommerfest in September 2023.


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