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Performing artist, choreographer, dance teacher
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Bio  (EN)

Carmen Volpe is a performing artist, dance teacher and choreographer based in Berlin.


At the age of five, she began her first ballet class in Italy and then professionalized in 2004.  She then received the State Diploma of 'Maestra di danza classica e moderna' Danze Italia, Union International Dance.

While studying Mediterranean Languages and Cultures in Art & Performance at the University of Orientale, she continued her training in classical and contemporary dance at Movimento Danza and Spazio Led with Alessia Scala in Naples and at IALS in Rome. In Naples, she worked with several directors such as Vincenzo Maria Lettica in the performance E45- LIBERTA for the Napoli Teatro Fringe Festival in 2009 and for Egidio Carbone in 'La Bufaliera' presented at the San Carlo theatre in Naples in 2010. 

After the Erasmus scholarship she lived in Spain from 2010 to 2014. There she participated in different artistic projects and continued to train in contemporary dance in different dance schools in Granada. A great artistic and human  inspiration was the dance collective Enclave.


In 2014, she moved to Berlin to further her dance studies and continue working as a dancer. In 2015, she completed "Seneca Intensive" at Dock11. In 2018, she finished her study in "Integrative dance/ dance therapy" at the Campus Naturalis Academy where she has been teaching since 2019.  In 2021 she attended and completed the certification course at UdK "Creating Dance in Art and Education" with a focus on dance pedagogy and choreography.


At the same time since 2015 she started teaching ballet, contemporary, modern, improvisation for several dance schools in Berlin such as Urbanraum, Seneca Bildungstanz, La Caminada, Studio für Künstlerische Tanz, Tanztangente. 


She also has worked as a dancer and performer for several projects in Berlin and Europe, such as choreographers Anna Collod, Nadja Raszewski, Till Schmidt Rimpler, and the physical theater company in-back.


She is also part of the group "Kollaktiv physical theater" where she teaches dance with elements inspired by physical theater.


Her work and research as an independent artist, teacher and human being are inspired by autobiographical life events, social projects, colleagues and those generous teachers who do not separate their personal and human growth from their pedagogical and artistic work. Such as Hannes Langolf, Jo Siska, Valentina Bordonave. 

 She is currently working with the musician Francisco Catalán at the um_unnumbmind project. 


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2010 - present
2010 - present
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