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Performer, choreographer, dance teacher, dance therapist

Bio  (EN)

Carmen Volpe is a freelance performer, choreographer, dance teacher and dance therapist based in Berlin.


She has danced since early childhood and started to professionalize in 2004, when she received the Diploma Maestra di Danza Classica and Modern Dance, Danze Italia, Union International Dance (state diploma).

In Neaples she studied Mediterranean Languages & Cultures in Art & Performance at the University l'Orientale.


In Berlin she completed the further education program "Seneca Intensive", Dock11 and the certificate course at the UdK "Creating Dance in Art and Education" with a focus on dance pedagogy and choreography.

In 2018 she completed her studies as a dance therapist at the Academy Campus Naturalis. Carmen has been teaching dance therapy and dance pedagogy at the Academy since 2019.

She has worked as a dancer and performer for several projects in Berlin and Europe. The most recent are Nadja Raszewski's “Mobile”, Till Schmidt – Rimpler “Sunset Sonnenuntergänge” and with the physical theater in-back company

She is also part of the “Kollaktiv physical theater” group.

Currently together with the musician Francisco Catalán she is working to the UM_unnumb_mind a sonic word movement project.

The latter participated in PAF 2022 (Performing Art Festival Berlin) with the performance “Alles in Ordnung” that uses stand-up comedy, Instant composition and sound improvisations to reflect on the topic of order and chaos.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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