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DRIS - Der Realität ihr Spaß

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

"Der Realität ihr Spaß" is laughing about ourselves and about the monotony of reality. To see yourself from another perspective, authentic and as a simple experiment, to make you feel yourself again. An experiment induced by dancing, singing, shouting, crying and especially laughing. Banalities, that become ambitious.

Comedy dance Theatre

Choreography & Performance: Carmen Volpe

Co-Regie/Dramaturgie-Assistentin: Christine Merz

Kostüm: Gianni Giacummo

Video: Christian Kühl

Thanks to Miriam Wolf

Berlin Premiere 23 | 24 Juli 2016

Imagine that while living in a routine, you suddenly wouldn't feel yourself anymore. Imagine that one day, you wake up and decide to see life from another angle, by just following your natural rhythm. Imagine that all around you starts to become ridiculous and grotesque. And that for one day you decide to express your fears by your passion. Where do you arrive? What will you discover through your madness?


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